Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Being an Enemy of the State is Not the Same as Being an Enemy of America

Washington doesn't represent America in the tiniest way unless you consider 1% of anything to have any particular intrinsic value.

Washington doesn't represent America when they tell us the terrorists are overseas and yet send SWAT raids out which kill over a thousand citizens every year.

Ed:  so what?  They were guilty!

They're always guilty when they're dead.  The baby they burned up with a flash grenade was guilty too, right?

Note:  that was a case of the SWAT going to the wrong house.

Ed:  what's the difference between that and the Gestapo?

The SWATs have better weapons thanks to Obama.  You may remember him as the Second Coming of American Civil Rights, at least for the ones who lived through his administration.  Over eight thousand did not because SWATs killed them.

Washington tells us we caused the problems while they spend half a trillion or more on the military every year, more than Reagan ever hoped to waste that way.

If we take any benefit at all from the state, Washington immediately turns to shame us as if the money had ever been theirs in the first place.

Washington does nothing for the future even with evidence everywhere it's vitally important.  You see it; they don't and assiduously ignore it because they believe it costs too much.

In fact, they cost the Future too much and we're always the ones who take the fall for it.  They have already blown twenty trillion dollars and who can even imagine so much money.

Twenty trillion in the hole and still going down.

When the white cat
is in the white room
how would you know
when it's ever really there

this is not the cat
from what's his name;
that motherfucker's dead
but we just can't find the white one
or maybe he's just not there

They search through all the concrete
which one day turns to silt
and then expect us to marvel
at the glory of what they built

They keep saying all this real
but we see they have no idea
they're never going forward
and they always live in fear

they're sitting in that white room
looking for those cats
they know they're around here somewhere
and they're looking just like you

But they can't see you;
they can't find you;
they don't know where you are
They'll never find that cat
since felines hate them too

but that cat is sitting quietly
as is their wont to do
they'll have no truck with tyrants
but they're kind of liking you

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