Friday, May 26, 2017

A Bit on Digital Interruptions

There's a distinct difference between digital interruptions from text messages and almost any other kind.  The text message is not likely to interfere with your kid engagement time because you will receive the text, possibly respond, and then bag it.  The kid may not even notice and I emphasize the lack of ongoing engagement in that transaction.

The digital interruption from Facebook is fundamentally different because it almost requires persistent engagement due to chats or something else with an ACK/NAK  or Post/Respond cycle.  There's almost no chance your kid will miss that since you're obviously not paying much attention.

I submit therefore a fundamental difference exists between transient digital engagement as with text messaging and persistent digital engagement in the context of social networks, etc.

Transient doesn't translate to immediate and drivers wrap around trees frequently because of that.

On another slide, I see on VA TV those pukey Property Bros flipping the high ticket houses and that's not so much interesting but I've never heard mention of a whole-house fan which is an outstanding and inexpensive way to keep fresh air in a house even when it seems too hot since often the feeling of heat is because the wind goes dead outside and the air doesn't move through the windows.

There's apparently so much negative pressure generated by such fans you seriously better have some windows open before you start one.  I never got to installing one in Rhode Island and it was a high priority which went South for reasons already known.  With one of those, I don't think I would have needed air conditioning which I didn't have anyway.

Yes, that is a question since Lotho's home flipping is in a whole different way so I wonder if such fans are part of that scene.

There's some irony in broadcasting the Prop Bros on the in-house TV since most of the Rogers going over to VA couldn't possibly afford one of those houses.

They're already waving flags for Memorial Day online so this is a good time to stay offline until Monday for the race.

Viva Fernando Alonso.  I want to see some Jim Clark sparks from you, mate.  Show those Yankee Offenhauser boys how Euros do it.

Ed:  NASCAR never screwed with Offenhauser motors

NASCAR was down home plus the cars came from the Moonshiners.  They couldn't afford Offenhausers but they could afford hotrod V-8s.

There's also a note on the elusive ballsy exhaust note since now I hear as I watch even those pigdog SUVs have the note and they make lots of fire and sparks but they're not fast.   Mustangs are fast but SUVs are for BUFFs.  It seems any kind of Ford will sound like that now.

"The buyer grunted peevishly, dropped WhamboZambo Comix on the floor and led the way out of the building and down the long corduroy road to the highway.  His car was waiting on the concrete.  It was, like all contemporary cars, too low-slung to get over the logs.  He climbed down into the car and started the motor with a tremendous sparkle and roar."

"The Marching Morons" by Cyril Kornbluth (1951)

Did he call it or what.

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