Thursday, July 21, 2016

Checking Out the Map for the Fort Worth Zoo

When it's 100F out there, mapping the route is important since there's usually little shade while walking around a zoo.  The Fort Worth Zoo is not a big one but all of them have charms and the map is below.  Click the map to show it at much higher resolution.

There are some small red arrows on the far right of the image and they show the way from the Entrance to the Gorillas, the Elephants and the Meerkats with all being high interest.  There's something fundamentally wrong with anyone who doesn't love meerkats.

That all of those targets are short distances from the Entrance, walking distance is relatively short.  It would cost $15 for one and $29 for two so that's probably a killer but the idea isn't dead yet.

Unknown if this can happen but it's most interesting and really for the meerkats most of all.  I've loved these creatures ever since seeing an article in "Smithsonian" in the eighties.  One thing's for sure that heat probably doesn't bother them so there may be some potential for some interesting video.

I'm sure I never saw meerkats in the Cincinnati Zoo but likely the temperature in Ohio is too cold for them since they come from African savannas.


Anonymous said...

The Cinti zoo has meerkats by the Giraffe enclosure and the Cheetah run.
Far different zoo from yesteryear

Peas InOurThyme said...

There's hope for them after all!

Peas InOurThyme said...

I remember the yesteryear with King Tut and I'm not going to get tragic about him although I easily could. The Zoo learned that's no way to keep 'tans and I've not seen the new Zoo but I've seen pics of the vastly-improved gorilla enclosure.