Sunday, August 6, 2017

There's Almost No Connection

Most don't know the situation and will only wonder after a time what happened to Silas then concluding I must have croaked and then getting on with finishing that delicious McDonald's Big Mac sandwich along with a refreshing ice-cold beverage.

The affairs of man get more absurd by the moment and I know right away looking in almost any direction I'll find something stupid.  The Guardian advises why Trump needs the love of the crowd but who gives a fuck why he needs anything.  He's supposed to do President things and I don't give a fuck if he has a sick tummy while he does them.

CNN shows Bill Clinton, the man they were pitching as an unimpeachable truth when he was fronting for the Harridan from Harlot Hell, is now shown when he was nearly impeached and with a convenient snap of Monica Lewinsky.

Fuckin' people

They're not my people; they're not even my species.

I took a look at Facebook and saw more fucking missionaries for anti-vaxx and they have abandoned saying vaccines cause autism.  Instead they're saying now they cause childhood cancer.  Start the countdown until they start running pictures of children in cancer wards like those shavetail motherfuckers know the first damn thing about cancer.  It will be like Tomi Lahren giving a lecture on the VA.

Like I say, they are not my species.

Note:  there is sentience on Facebook but it's extremely damn rare.                                                                                                      

Some in the gilding think my outlook is despairing but it really hasn't changed; I just get bored more quickly with the stupidity.  After all, I just made up all this shit anyway.

Zen Yogi:  reality is like an Eisbär (polar bear auf Deutsch) with an ice cream cone

Your pixel enlightenment is ever inspiring, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  time melts like an ice cream

So it does, Yogi.

There are three authentic Voices, one here and two out there, who are as real as life gets but there's steadily dropping engagement with anything else.

There's a maiden in a long white dress walking through a meadow and I know beyond doubt she is real.

Booboo:  how so, Silas?

I made her up.  She doesn't own a dress like that and I've never seen her in a field in that way.

Booboo:  how does that make her real?

You can see her just the same as I now.

Booboo:  does she have a pic-a-nic basket, Yogi?

I don't think so but you can be sure there will be something good in it if she does. Think apricots and pork in a sauce over rice.

Booboo:  I don't like apricots, Silas

For that dish you can find a way, little furry buddy.

The vision is clear; it's the world which isn't.  They just keep blowin' shit up and making more excuses for doing it.

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