Sunday, August 6, 2017

Donald Trump Elected to the Wild Beaver Hall of Fame

America does almost nothing to repair and improve infrastructure because it has no pride and nothing shows that better than Flint, MI, where the governor poisoned that city with lead but America didn't do anything about it.

Ed:  there were protests on Facebook and Hillary Clinton spoke angrily!

Like I said, America didn't do anything about it.

Note:  the water is apparently running clean now after three years of poisoning but the residents will be drinking bottled water for safety for three more years until the lead pipes are replaced.

Ed:  that happened on Obama's watch

Quite so.  Clinton wouldn't have done anything about Flint because, wtf, Obama didn't.  Besides, thinking these are the only lead pipes in America is just fantasy.

Even though infrastructure means almost nothing to the government, it became vitally important to build that bullshit Wall and do appreciate how much Texans hate the bastard for doing it.  Many lose their land to it and have lost in lawsuits due to sovereign immunity which is America's right to do whatever the fuck it wants without being sued for it.

Note: see also Manifest Destiny and Divine Right of Rich White People

The wild beavers don't have anything else to watch so they couldn't miss the Wall and they love it.  Donald Trump has been invited to join the International Order of Beavers and they said they want an imprint of his tail on a tile in the Wild Beaver Walk of Fame.  However, after they saw his tail they realized, "Holy shit, look at that fat ass.  We're going to need a much bigger tile."

Beaver dam in Lincoln, Maine

Finally American exceptionalism is recognized somewhere in the world ... by wild beavers.

This gets us feeling so patriotic in the Rockhouse we want to hear the anthem but the one for America is a sentimental piece of crap which sounds more like a hymn than a national song.  We want the Russian anthem as anyone can sing it and the song rocks much harder.  That one isn't a war song but "La Marseilles" is and that one is better too if you like that sort of thing.  After "La Marseilles," you can easily believe they're going to jump straight up to start kicking the shit out of refugees.

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