Sunday, August 6, 2017

When Cops Transmogrified into Officers

Readers may dismiss Chomsky as artsy fartsy science but there's an example of his teaching in the transmogrification of cops.  At one time America had cops and everyone called them that.  Even cops called themselves cops because they were cops and they did cop things.  There was typically a much better relationship with cops at the time since they weren't shooting people like they were in a childrens' arcade.

Today cops are expected to be called officers and the general reverence for them has an appalling nauseation when there are many more dangerous jobs (e.g. firefighters) but no other jobs except military demand supplication before they put out a fire.

In the change of that single word, the world view of those who use it, particularly if they aren't aware of the history, becomes limited by it to the point of it becoming a matter of conformity to adhere to it.

They're fuckin' with the language with Fox News and the Fauntleroys in Washington most responsible for the manipulation.

Note:  the large Lord Fauntleroy was a nasty Brit Tory prick.  Now he's in the White House but he's trying to fake it with Ricky Schroder hair.

Ref:  "Little Lord Fauntleroy"

Even if nothing else, America provides a convenient single focus for every reason you need to have absolute contempt for authority.  Reagan killed Miranda laws and required Americans to genuflect whenever going near cops and the hell of it is they do it.  Apparently that land of the free, home of the brave business isn't working out so well for them.

Ed:  the brave went overseas to fight

Sure, I've heard that but they've been there over sixteen years and haven't accomplished a goddamn thing so they're either not that brave or they're just incompetent.  Either way, the parades are ludicrous.

Ed:  you impugn the bravery of the military

When you have a superior force with superior weapons, it doesn't take bravery to go somewhere with a primitive military to blow it to shit.  You only need a boat to get there.

Ed:  they couldn't defeat the Taliban

No-one defeats the Taliban.  The Russians learned it decades ago but the thickwits in America think they're more clever than that.

Ed:  or the CIA just wanted the heroin

The evidence is clear when the CIA is in Afghanistan and heroin flies out of that country faster than leaks fly out of Washington ... which the CIA also conveniently provides.

Zen Yogi:  Americans aren't genuflecting for the people who are the cops or military.  They only genuflect for their guns.

I know, furry buddy, but they don't and it makes them all the more pitiful as a people.

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