Saturday, August 5, 2017

"The Thousand Points of Light" #Poetry

The wars will never stop
when no-one even tries
The poverty will always grind
no-one cares when poor people die
They live with such indifference
ever speaking of their munificence
as they save the world from evil
but bring a worse one of their own

They say Islam is the problem
but Christians are no better
after we look about America
and fully get their measure
where their thousand points of light
were just the windows in a bank
and none of them are lit
for people in the lower ranks

The White House proclaims its holy
and it's been the worst of all
when it's only for rich white patriots
and is never for common churls
We're the fodder for their cannons
we're the targets for their guns
we make no fucking difference
we aren't their favorite sons

The country is doomed to kill itself
but there's no-one who will cry
after they have wreaked such evil
it is inevitable they will die
There is no way anyone 
could ever save the crown
since the crown's own treachery
is the sword which will take it down

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Witness to the evil (Ithaka:  Murder by Contract by Blackhawk's Air Mercs America)

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