Thursday, August 3, 2017

Murder by Contract by Blackhawk's Air Mercs America

FILE PHOTO Members of the US private security company Blackwater © Patrick Baz / AFP

Former Blackwater founder Erik Prince, who earlier urged Donald Trump to appoint a US “viceroy” to win the Afghan war, has reportedly pitched up a “business proposal” to Kabul, offering a fully-fledged private air force to back the local army’s operations.

Prince, the founder and former CEO of private military company Blackwater (now rebranded Academi), has floated a business proposal offering a privately-manned “turn-key composite air wing” to the Afghan government, whose troops steadily lose ground to the Taliban, the Military Times reported on Thursday.

Prince's plan, cited by the newspaper, was reportedly submitted to the Afghans back in March. It includes providing “high speed response” as well as close-air support for Afghanistan’s army fighting the Islamists. The private air force’s fixed-wing planes, attack helicopters and drones would be flown by hired pilots, but “weapons release decisions will still be made by Afghans.”

RT:  Wings for hire? Ex-Blackwater CEO Erik Prince reportedly offering private air force for Afghan War

Underneath all the layers of corporate and banker filth in America, there's the CIA.  Even beneath those evil bastards is where you will find Blackhawk or anything to do with it.  The latest variation is a private contract air force (i.e. mercs) and there's no chance they would have that kind of hardware without close ties to the military which is another layer of the lowest scum in America.  The scum isn't the soldiers but the Pentagon is festooned with corporate filth.  The Pentagon has no soldiers anyway since those generals never fight and the size of the Pentagon shows they're a dime a dozen.

The comedy part is when Air Mercs takes out Washington since they don't give a fuck.  If they get paid for killing something then they're going to kill it.  There wouldn't be anything those fat-ass Pentagon generals could do about it except wave their fuckin' briefcases at them.

By the way, Blackhawk ... great job on interdicting opium in Afghanistan.  Nothing says patriotism like importing heroin into America.

As to the filth in those corporations, this is how they treated children before unions and child labor laws.  This wasn't after the Great Depression but rather before it during the period ostensibly regarded as the Gilded Age.  Just as today, there sure wasn't anything gilded for this kid.

Western Union messenger, Providence, Rhode Island, 1912

The young boy was nicknamed ‘Speed’

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