Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Latest Status

Some of it has a got a good groove going since Yevette got another clearance today since there is no sign of Blue Meanies.  I'm not sure when this started since it's been a sprint from the beginning.  Rad / Chemo in one week.  Be there.


I'm not sure when it started but I am sure we have logged some serious miles since the practical end of the treatment and she has come up green at each check.  Today the doctor asked her about sex and it's none of your fucking business what she said but she mentioned it later since she was amused.  I told her Dick Gregory's wife had the story on sex.

I was sitting with my grandson when he asked me, "Grandfather, what does erection mean?"

I told him to ask his grandmother and he went away.

Some while later he returned to say, "Grandfather, she told me she would tell me later but tell you she hasn't seen one of those around here in years.

- Dick Gregory

Ref:  "Let Freedom Laugh" from Lewis Black and Friends on YouTube

So long as she eats right and gets to a good level of walking, she ought to be right as rain.

Zen Yogi:  how right is the rain?

I'm not playing that tonight, buddy.

Meanwhile, my own situation awaits Doctor Doom and that image casts him / her in a bitch of a role but I really don't visualize anything that way.  I am sympathetic to a doctor in that role since it must weigh like he or she needs to be Atlas to deliver news which is typically terrifying.

My thoughts actually go to seeing Ithaka hit a million since maybe it will but I won't.  It doesn't mean anything since, hey, how high is your hill of beans today and who the hell cares.  Still it amuses me and you've just about done it since it's got less than fifty thousand reads to go.

Zen Yogi:  do you dodge the reality?

That is the reality, mate.

Zen Yogi:  you will be lucky to hit another thousand if you don't stop slashing America

My conformity costs more than the people of America are willing to spend, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  how much is that?


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