Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Ta-Ta Towel Seems Mutant but It Could Be Cool

Disclaimer:  at first I thought, oh, hell, no but as I read it I thought, sure, that makes sense.  Prepare for a shock.



She is either representing a prime reason selfies should never have been invented or she's a woman trying to solve a problem and do go with the second option on that.

Anyone with a hint of underboob cleavage will know the drill.

Metro:  The Ta-Ta Towel is here to save you from the horror of underboob sweat

Actually it seems anyone without a hint of underboob cleavage would know the drill since the topic is the ultimate horror of underboob sweat.  Sure, what do you care about underboob sweat; what does anyone care about it.  Since I have never been cursed with boobies, I had no idea but, as I read, I thought, yah, that would really suck.

Just tuck the bazongas into this thing like you have a couple of Mister Ed's feed bags and then you can go about your preparatory business prior to your major engagement.  Then you can deal with the boobies when you feel like dealing with the boobies and they will still be as fresh as the air over a mountain lake.

Forty-five dollars seems kind of hefty but I guess it's a steal if you are afflicted by the nightmare curse of underboob sweat.

Now you know.

You're welcome.

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