Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Dead Are Already Rising from the Earth, at Least in Europe

This handout picture released on July 19, 2017 by the Swiss Police of Canton Valais shows the remains of a couple found preserved in a receding glacier, near Les Diablerets. 


Hundreds of mummified corpses are set to emerge from the ice and snow atop Europe’s mountain ranges in the coming years as climate change continues to force glacial retreat on an unprecedented scale.

The grim prospect of stumbling across frozen, frostbitten remains has become an all too frequent reality for alpinists, mountaineers and hikers alike in recent months, with multiple discoveries reported across Switzerland and France so far in 2017.

RT:  Mummified corpses to pop up on Europe's mountainsides more often as glaciers retreat

To get in on this fun on your European vacation, you will have to act soon since Switzerland's glaciers are extremely screwed already.

In July, the mummified corpses of a Swiss couple were discovered in the Tsanfleuron glacier. Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin were originally reported missing in 1942.

Switzerland's glaciers have experienced a rout recently, retreating by one cubic km of ice, or 900 billion liters of water, in the past year alone, Tagesanzieger reports.

"Swiss glaciers can no longer be saved,” glaciologist Matthias Huss from the ETH Zurich and the University of Freiburg said, as cited by Tagesanzieger. "A slowing of global warming is too late for the Swiss glaciers," he added.

- RT

However, through other glaciers in the Alps, there are plenty of opportunities to find vintage deaders defrosting in the sunshine although the thawing may take a while after they have been frozen for fifty or sixty years.

Donald Trump:  this isn't from global warning.  Earth pops out antique frozen dead people all the time.

I don't see it because I'm in Texas, I guess?

Trump:  exactly

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