Saturday, August 5, 2017

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Presidential Edition

Bill and Hillary Clinton were just Arkansas swamp rats before they went to Washington.  However, in the sixteen years after Clinton's Presidency, they created the Clinton Foundation while they amassed personal fortunes of eighty million and one hundred and twenty million, respectively.  All of that ostensibly came from speaking fees.

Barack Obama saw that and thought, hot damn, I'm getting me a piece of that and he has established his own Foundation replete with high-dollar Wall Street contributors.

Zen Yogi:  he wants to be a millionaire

It looks that way, Yogi.  Too bad he wasn't a better President.

Obama:  I did so much for the environment!

Sure, of course you did.  The following article implies Trump is indifferent to paying for the SuperFund sponsorship of some really vile water pollution by a gold mining company.  (  EPA chief to reconsider paying claims over mine waste spill)

In fact, Obama's administration refused paying for it as well.

We have no wish to curry favor with the Trumpies since they're treating the environment as a board game also.  (  US to join climate talks despite Paris accord exit)

We know they're just gaming it since in the last week it was announced a large-scale sale of coal to the Fascists in Ukraine who have energy troubles because Russians won't help them due to Ukraine bombing the fuck out of Donbass ... which is a coal-rich area.  Naturally, CIA pigs are involved in that situation and see above with Obama for who started this one.

The Trumpies also give us the genius of Tom McClintock as he screams about forestry management.  (Fresno Bee:  Detwiler fire response was heroic, but we need better forest management)

A variety of species of pine won't germinate until their seeds burn in a forest fire.  When your dumb ass builds a house in the middle of a forest, maybe you should have considered it's really just kindling in a fire.

Ed:  heartless bastard

They're guilty of in-your-face habitat encroachment and they're no better than the farmers in Brazil who whack the Amazon.  The forests took care of themselves for millions of years and would be still if not for people like McClintock.

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