Saturday, August 5, 2017

Blackhawk Mercenaries Get Away with Mass Murder ... Again

Nicholas Slatten, seen here in 2014, was the sniper on a team protecting state department officials in Iraq. 

Photograph: Cliff Owen/AP

Slatten, a 33-year-old contractor from Tennessee who was the sniper on a team protecting state department officials, is serving a life sentence. During his trial, prosecutors said he saw killing Iraqis as “payback for 9/11”. No connection between Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime and the 9/11 attacks has been proven.

The Guardian:  Federal court overturns former Blackwater guard's murder conviction

Slatten has been such a slack-jawed moron he didn't know he was just a goon in a snipe hunt.

There can be only one solution:  give him a new trial.  I'm sure we can get him off this time.

The basis for the new trial is resplendent:

The judges determined those sentences violated the constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment because prosecutors charged them with using military firearms while committing another felony. That statute, typically employed against gang members or bank robbers, had never been used against overseas security contractors working for the US government.

- Guardian

It's such a glory of judicial bullshit when the judges know the people were innocent and there was no reason to shoot them.  Blackhawk is a gang; they just get paid better.  They're ostensibly not military but they use the best military weapons and the White House just winks at every heinous thing they do.

Oh, it gets better.

Blackwater, which is based in North Carolina, is now known as Academi, having previously been sold and renamed as Xe Services. Its founder, Erik Prince, is the brother of the current US education secretary, Betsy DeVos.

- Guardian

So this is how that demonic family made its money.  Charming.

All the while they prattle about God.

Oh, God ... God ... I'm quivering ... I think I may be having a spiritual rebirth.

Zen Yogi:  you're probably dehydrated.  Drink some water.

For Mercs with Bibles, call Blackhawk or Academi today.

Zen Yogi:  Academi is such a good name for people who find smart Leftist people ... and kill them

I'm hungry, Yogi.

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