Friday, August 11, 2017

The Secrets of the Ordovician Age | BBC | Also Silurian #Science #Archaeology

Zen Yogi:  WTF, Silas?

Just because no-one was expecting it.

There was the Cambrian in which life appears, the Ordovician when it starts trying to get up on land, and the Silurian when life spreads over the land.  Although that may sound as dry as a can of talcum powder, I found it surprisingly interesting and the representations of creatures from that time were strikingly well-done.

We have a demerit for hipster camera edits since the chop, chop, chop type of fast bounce edit to simulate some kind of drama gets so damn tedious.  Unless you can edit like they did for "The Bourne *****," you probably shouldn't be screwing with that type of edit.

This is within the Grand Overall Theme of where did we start and its inevitable corollary in where are we going.  Those creatures did exist but now do not and we would not exist if they had not done it first.

Zen Yogi:  oh but they do still exist since their fossils and other traces they left in the rocks reveal them to us to exist within the Now and we can even watch them on video

Dayum, Yogi, when that KFC chicken is revealing Zen Archaeology to you, is it time for more or less of it?

Zen Yogi:  what did it reveal to you of where we are going?

We are already there, Zen Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  ok, then, time for some fried chicken

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