Sunday, May 14, 2017

Worst Korea Proved the Might of its Missiles and Hit the Pacific with One ... Again

Worst Korea showed they're even more stupid about killing whales than the Japanese since WK is using missiles to do it but they still hardly ever end up with any sushi.  However, what they do get is Americans getting frothy like mad dogs on a hot fuckin' day.

"Keep the fear alive," scream Fox and CNN.  "Understand your fear and embrace your imminent death.  It's our duty plus our great reward to warn you."

We ask, which is it, duty or great reward?

They reply, mostly the great reward and we are rich because Goldman Sachs loves us and hates you.

Ed:  sushi doesn't come from whales!

You know that and I know that but it doesn't seem WK knows that so they keep shooting missiles at passing whales, partly because it's so funny for them when America gets so nuts about it.  Crowds gather outside Kim Jong-un's palace to start chanting, "Do it again.  Do it again.  That was some funny shit, Fearless Leader."

Ed:  he has a palace?

All kings have palaces; even the bootlickers who adore them get palaces.

Donald Trump said he thinks 'Russia won't be pleased' but actually they don't give a fuck and said, "It was not coming this way so not my problem, comrade."  (RT:  North Korean rocket flew away from Russia, was no threat – Russian Defense Ministry)

Maybe if America had ever acted toward Russia like Washington was comprised of anything more than spoiled, petulant children in their attitudes then maybe Russia would care if they get you radioactive.  Why should they say anything more than good riddance if Trump gets America whacked.

Washington defends the Law of Evolutionary Potential with almighty vigor and this is a maxim which applies to the cultural evolution in a society.  For example, China has a fantastic train system because they started with much more modern technology.  America has a cheap and shitty rail system because it was first but it was built a million years ago and the defenders of the Law of Evolutionary Potential insist America has to keep its cheap and shitty tracks because it's too expensive to replace them.  Welcome to the Law of Evolutionary Potential.

Learning about the Law of Evolutionary Potential might have even come as early as survey level Anthropology but I remember that, see, because I didn't go to Phukmi U for a major in the Kama Sutra but not much else.

Ed:  uni wasn't a sex fiesta?

Nah, it was more like a sex siesta since Cadillac Man and I would go roaming about sometimes but we sucked as cocksmen so mostly the Men of ACACIA just got drunk and did things like crashing a Blood, Sweat, and Tears concert and I guess we got away with it because we were too drunk to care if we got caught.  We did wind up with some femmes that night and Cadillac Man saw one of them for quite some time later although neither of us could possibly explain how any of that came to happen.

That's how you learn, see.

Ed:  getting drunk and crashing your way into rock concerts?

Well, lose the getting drunk part but there was plenty to be learned from rock concerts.

One of the things you learn is to find someone else to drive you home.  Lotho learned that some time later when we were coming back from an almost-Genesis concert ("And Then There Were Three") and I was driving but I was trippin' balls.  Don't ever drive with anyone who is trippin' on LSD.  This is definitely a Bad Idea.

Ed:  no-one got dead by it

Well, I'm not saying Washington level badness but it's still bad.

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