Sunday, May 14, 2017

When James Clapper Gets Openly Treasonous

Usually the CIA is the organization which undermines the regimes of other countries but now the American ex-Director of Intelligence James Clapper is trying to undermine the American government.

James Clapper © Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Clapper handed in his resignation as National Intelligence Director shortly after Trump’s election victory in November. He officially left office on the day the new president moved into the White House.

His reign as intelligence chief was marred by fallout from inaccurate statements he made to Congress about the NSA’s data collection on American citizens. In March of 2013, he claimed that the NSA does “not wittingly” collect the data of Americans. A few months later, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked documents revealing the agency’s exhaustive domestic data collection programs.

RT:  Former Intelligence Director Clapper says Trump ‘assaulting’ US institutions (VIDEO)

James Clapper lied to Congress and he has done so repeatedly.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper issued a stern warning Sunday about the state of the US government after President Donald Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey last week, saying he thinks US institutions are "under assault."

"I think in many ways our institutions are under assault both externally -- and that's the big news here is the Russian interference in our election system -- and I think as well our institutions are under assault internally," Clapper said on CNN's "State of the Union."

Pressed by anchor Jake Tapper if he meant US institutions were under assault internally from the President, Clapper responded, "Exactly."

CNN:  Clapper: US institutions 'under assault'

When James Clapper turns the blame on the White House, you've got a prime example of the way the CIA works.  The CIA has never honored the Constitution in the past and they're damn sure not honoring it now.

The Rockhouse has almost no use for Donald Trump and reviles most of his policies but any union with the CIA to bring success to Our Revolution is a marriage made in one of Beelzebub's hell pits.  The only result of any union with them is a parade of goose-stepping Fascists.

The only agenda the CIA has ever had is to kill governments with whom they disagree and do it by any means possible.  They're monsters and have been almost since the day they were unwisely conceived by Harry Truman.

In my life, I've never seen such a broad spectrum character assassination as is happening at official levels going after Donald Trump.  CNN is included as being official since they're singing the company line like they want to join the band.

Most of the comedians, all of the right wing news, and most of the news which is ostensibly liberal are going after him as one but all of that is contingent on the sanctity of truth from the CIA even when there's never been any sanctity to it.  The CIA is comprised of a bunch of fucking murderers and, as we saw with repeated attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro, some percentage of the time they aren't even any good at it.  If James Bond worked for them he would quit in embarrassment at their incompetence.

Yet all these people regard the CIA as giving us Gospel.

There's no need for the litany since many of you know the CIA history already and there's nothing creditable in it; they have caused many problems but they have never fixed one.

The CIA isn't trying to fix this problem either but rather they're trying to engineer being part of the team after he's toppled.  You hang yourselves by believing them as it sure did wonders for Salvador Allende.

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