Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Neoliberals Need Real Democrats After Proving They Can't Elect Clinton Without Us

That noise you have been hearing since November is a snake in the grass and you know her better as Hillary Clinton.  She's been probing and trying to come back but what's her play.  She's, as usual, grifting for the big bucks with this Forward Together PAC but what should she do with the simoleons.

She already owns the neoliberals and they've been on the payroll all along but she needs to extend and how does she play that when they only know the same old song and dance.

Hillary Clinton is where the Resistance goes to die, just like she tried to kill it the first time.

She needs to reach us, muddafuggas, since we're the Democrats who walked.  The neoliberals are irrelevant because they couldn't get it done previously no matter how much they whine and wheedle about the Electoral College which those miserable poltroons STILL don't understand or refuse to admit.

Note:  did you see neoliberals do anything whatever to try to change the law regarding the Electoral College after the election?

Right.  Me either.  Same thing happens after most elections these days and nothing ever comes of it.

Clinton already has all the Republicans she's ever going to get since they knew from the start her pitch about centrism was bullshit when she was a blooded killer after Libya and the GOP loves that shit.

Mates, I don't think she's got a play.  She's been throwing poo at Russia like the Queen Monkey in the Zoo but it doesn't faze them and they think she's just as much of a malicious fool as she ever was.

Clinton has flogged victimization until the concept of victimization became itself the victim so she's got no play in that.

Men don't hate her; we hate her false positions.

There's never been so much as an eyebrow raised about deporting Mexican women so she doesn't have much of a play with feminism either.  She already has the gullible ones and why should anyone new believe her now?

Because Alec Baldwin plays such a buffoon on SNL and that consequently shows the rightness of Clinton?

The only thing it really shows is Baldwin doesn't pull too much of a salary in Hollywood anymore.  He was cool in "Hunt for Red October," tho.

It doesn't show anything about Clinton so I don't believe she really gains anything from it.

Stephen Colbert has been kissing Clinton's ass so much she's in danger of getting blisters so her money won't buy any more TV pimps when she's already got Kimmel as well and the rest of that lot.

The Democrats Clinton cannot reach are us since all of us have got her pegged and wouldn't go within the length of a barge pole from her.

Nope, I don't see a play.

Ed:  what if Bernie rolls over for her again?

Man, I doubt he would make the same mistake twice after she hung him out to dry for that.

Ed:  what about Elizabeth Warren?

She flips faster than Aunt Jemima's pancakes.  Pfft.

Democrats out here on the Fringe won't lift a finger for those who betrayed us.  We will return to voting when honesty and truth present again in the Democratic Party but that has never come from Clinton or Obama.  I don't believe she has a play, mates.

We don't forget how Obama said he would bring the troops home and you lied, motherfucker, Mister Nobel Fucking Peace Prize, Hypocrite of the Fucking Century.  Stay in Palm Springs with your rich bitch friends; we don't want you back ... ever.

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