Friday, May 26, 2017

There is No Romeo and Juliet Ending | Mystery Lady is Found

The forward schematic is nailed now.  Get that damn phone immediatimento.

Ed:  the ML EL phone?

That's the one.

Music can start again since there wasn't any response to this in a form of, well, just play those bluez and everything is fine.  That was not going to happen and it wouldn't have even made any sense.

I'm really not sure what Ithaka is doing but there's one thing it was always meant to do and that was provide a path to the Regulars, particularly ML, since it can be immensely difficult any other way.

Some may scoff at their perception of drama which actually means melodrama but there's none of that out in this world where it's life and death, fo' real, at any turn.  When the docs throw around diagnoses of cancer, any notion of online melodramatic grabass fades into total insignificance.

There's no burning need to catch up on articles I didn't write although the science is interesting but it will keep ... or it won't (shrug).

There's no move for the moment since it's 96F and may get hotter before it starts cooling so I can get those saved-up VA checks into the show in the morning.  Then I can make a move.

Ed:  the ML EL line?

That's the move.

Ed:  but you can't even call her!

That's not the point since she will be able to call me any time she has the feeling for it and the opportunity.  People can do that with Skype but that's useless when you don't have access to it and I might as well have been on the Moon.

From what I've seen of the numbers, it seems this move will work.  Based on whatever success from that, likely Yevette will swap hers since she completely hates the one she has now.  For me it's easy since I don't have a phone now.

There is an immense back story behind all of this but there's no way in hell I'm going to tell it.  That would explain all of this but you don't need to understand it that well, only know it exists.

Ed:  what about the synth?

I can lust for a synth and I can lust for Diane Kruger.  There's no chance I'll find the dame but I just might work it out with a synth in time.


Kannafoot said...

Have you considered Google Voice? I used it for several years while working from home and before I broke down and actually bought a cell phone. I haven't checked recently, but I believe it's still free. I'm also pretty sure it works on a Mac, although (as you know) I've never owned one.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Thanks but it's not so much the software as access to it since that's not possible when we talk. There's logic to all of this but that gives up more from RL than is appropriate.

I hate mobiles as well but it does look like the strongest move since she doesn't need anything more than a phone to make the connection.

Kannafoot said...

Lower cost options with an actual phone are tougher to come by, for sure. PC Mag did a recent review on them, though. This may help:,2817,2375644,00.asp

Peas InOurThyme said...

I wasn't sure but, yep, that was the article I saw this morning which got it all going. Thanks since that's confirmation that path was ok.