Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Old Woman and The Boiled Owl, a Restaurant on Magnolia Street in Fort Worth

I looked inside The Boiled Owl earlier and wasn't surprised to find there was no-one in it.

After Yevette was finished with her medical business, both of us looked and still nary a customer for boiled owls.

Now we need some field research to discover the menu for such a place.

I find myself sitting here at the bar drinking canned three dollar lone stars and wondering to myself why I keep coming back... it surely isn't the lingering smell of late night bad decisions or the sticky bar top.  Maybe it's the undersized over crowded poorly fenced in area they refer to as a patio.  Nope that's not it.  It has to be the very slim selection of indie rock music that is constantly blaring from each corner of the bar consuming any chance of productive conversation.  No still not it.  What I really think keeps enticing me back time and time again is the fact the bowled owl is a non apologetic dive bar! It is exactly what it is and if you don't like it you can leave. You won't be missed, and mine or your complaints wont change or effect the very loyal crowd of regulars that choose the Bowled owl as their go to watering hole.  In a world full of fakes the bowled owl is the real deal, and that has to be appreciated.

Derek B.

Apparently too much cerveza when he doesn't know the name of the place.  Even so, he doesn't consider the idea of representing as a boiled owl to be fake.  Welcome to the Millennial generation.

The area has a college town vibe to it but there's no immediate sign of a college in that area.  They exist in Fort Worth but not in the immediate vicinity.  The entire block is replete with one store after the other, mostly restaurants, all with twee college town names but The Boiled Owl was my favorite of the names.

There was also some glorious Fort Worth driving this morning since I drive like an old woman ...

Ed:  you ARE an old woman!

Beat me, kick me ... my libido just ain't shakin' the acorns from the oak tree too much if'n you're hearin' what I'm sayin'.

So I was driving like an old woman and I don't drive below the speed limit but I don't drive much above it either.  Some smallish tinker toy went zipping past me and my only thought was, well, look at you, Indy 500; aren't you the bad ass.

I knew there were some really tight corners ahead so I was curious about the hot shot and he did exactly that which I expected by slowing to crawl.  I did not slow, however, and Mario had me on his bumper through those corners.  I drive like an old woman because I see no reason to be cop bait when I don't particularly like cops.  However, don't make the mistake of thinking I can't drive rings around your chicken ass.

Note:  I didn't speed up ... I just didn't slow down.

Ed:  what did he do after that?

Unknown.  I guess he continued with his boring life while I continued driving like an old woman.

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