Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Nemesis in the Great Russian Biological Hacker Attack

Perhaps you never heard of the Great Russian Biological Hacker Attack because, as usual, the CIA was trying to fix the problem and, also as usual, they only made it worse.

The GRBHA is not some simple biological weapon of the nature of nerve gas, etc; this is a much more clever approach than that.

The GRBHA doesn't attack the computers which were left wide-open by the NSA since instead it's vastly more effective to penetrate the white blood cells of living humans.

Ed:  dead humans have no white blood cells!

When you don't drain them completely, your funeral director will only have made another member of the Undead, the Zombie Uprising.

Ed:  I thought you were talking about the Zombie Uprising?

Noooo, as that's an old and tiresome Brad Pitt CGI disaster.  This one is much more than that.

The mechanism of the GRBHA is an aerosol which contains millions of Russian biological hackers at nanobot size which will be sprayed in the appropriate target area and this can be done effortlessly, expeditiously, and surreptitiously.  The Russian hackerbots will then be taken directly to the lungs of the target in which location the hackerbots have easy access to the blood stream.

After the Russian hackerbots have penetrated the lungs, there is no way to remove them since each one has a tiny payload of plutonium which it uses for power but which it will release if any attempt is made to remove them from the body.

Intel:  that's easy to interdict since DHS will ban any type of aerosol dispenser from import

That's a fine solution and do enjoy taking away the inhalers used by people who suffering from asthma.

Intel:  what kind of dastardly villainous bastard would disguise such a heinous product as an asthma inhaler?

The CIA has tried to do similar things multiple times but the GRBHA got there first.

The action of the GRBHA after it has penetrated white blood cells in the host is they migrate to the locus in the brain responsible for inductive reasoning where they cluster to disrupt it.  Any time there is any type of activity, they interrupt it thereby preventing any type of thinking behavior because the victims constantly forget what they were doing.

Intel:  Congress has been infected and they spread it to the media through press conferences so the GRBHA is surging through the Mainstream

Your analysis is correct.  The GRBHA is an artificially-inducted Harrison Bergeron effect and the only way to avoid is to strictly avoid the Mainstream.  (TNELEN:  Harrison Bergeron)

Intel:  how does it spread?

The GRBHA is an airborne invader since it has easy access to the lungs and it can use carbon dioxide as a transport.  Therefore the GRBHA is more infectious than the bubonic plague but it won't kill you, it only makes you stupid.

Intell:  well then, no worries

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