Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Jill Abramson Outdoes Herself and Of Course She Wears Purple

The Guardian:  Donald Trump is a president gripped by delusions of absolute power

Oh, my brothers and sisters still possessed of a functioning cerebrum, behold the splendor of the melodrama direct from every sci fi book she never read.

The writer Gabriel García Márquez saw where delusions of absolute power inevitably lead. “When one reaches absolute power,” he wrote, “one loses total contact with reality.” A president so adrift from the US constitution surely meets that terrible criterion.

- Guardian

Ed:  kee-rist, it sounds like she writes bad poetry on the side!

Definitely since Gabo, his friends call him Gabo, is a Serious Writer so no chance with that trashy sci fi which saw all of this decades ago.  Heinlein was writing on this theme in the 40s and 50s to give us "Starship Troopers" with the most blazing Fascists presented as the good guys.  "1984" was written in the late 40s.

Ed:  where was Abramson?

Writing bad poetry, I guess.

Don't you love the tuned and studied outrage and ...

Ed:  moral indignation from Neoliberals is as precious as Mary Poppins on the front lines in Libya.  Die, you filthy mongrel bastards!

Not bad; not bad

Ed:  aren't Democrats trying to hamstring Congress the same way Republicans tried during the last administration?

Well, they haven't shut down the government yet to win the Ted Cruz Prize for Congressional Hypocrisy ... but they will.

Ed:  Jill Abramson is making me so, so, so tyrannically erect.  I deserve absolute power.  I should be able to fuck shit up anywhere I feel like it!

Erm, which President do you mean?  You will need to clarify that for it to make any sense.  Do you mean:

A)  Trump
B)  Obama
C)  Bush
D)  Clinton
E)  All of the above

Tip:  answer is all of the above.

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