Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Father of Europe Wasn't Geert Wilders After All

If you want to sow some wild oats, my brothers, where better to do that:

1)  Smokin' hot disco
2)  Marlboro Man's dude ranch
3)  Fertility clinic

If you had No. 3 then come on down and collect your prize.  (RT:  Late boss of Dutch fertility clinic accused of using own seed to father dozens of clients’ kids)

© Thomas Peter / Reuters

Picture shows something which we assume has something to do with artificial insemination ... or not.

Let's meet the Father of Europe himself.

Two dozen clients of the Bijdorp Medical Center in the Dutch city of Rotterdam went to court to accuse the centers’ deceased owner of using his own sperm to impregnate women through IVF treatment, instead of that of the selected donors.

The plaintiffs are demanding that DNA tests be conducted on Jan Karbaat, who ran the clinic, which was one of the Netherlands’ largest fertility centers in the 1980s and 1990s. However, Karbaat, who described himself as a “pioneer in the field of fertilization,” died last month at the age of 89.

- RT

It sounds like Jan Karbaat wasn't just a pioneer in the field of fertilization, he was doing seminal work.

Ed:  they're going to hunt you down for that one!

Oh, I do hope so (larfs).

Torquemada:  Silas, you are charging with making a pun on semen.  How do you plead?

Oh, I'm so fucking guilty, Your Honorable Honor.

Torquemada:  take him this sinner downstairs to the rack and stretch him.  We need to help him find Jesus and his Salvation.  Sinner, do have any last words for the court?

My soulful repentance won't make any difference because they say you can't talk him outta anything.

Don't blame me.  I stole that from Mel Brooks.

Ref:  "History of the World Part I"

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