Friday, May 19, 2017

India to Build Ten New Nuclear Power Plants

India's Kudankulam nuclear power project in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu 

© Pallava Bagla / Getty Images

In the biggest expansion of the country’s nuclear power industry, the Indian government has announced plans to construct ten heavy water reactors. India currently operates 22 nuclear plants, with a capacity of 6,780 megawatts.

The new reactors will have more capacity and will be in addition to those expected to get online by 2022.

RT:  India to build 10 reactors in big nuclear power push

This is actually good news although our Neoliberal comrades won't like it much but implementing a drastic upgrade in their nuclear power capacity should prevent their stated desire to increase energy production with coal which is the filthiest of all possible solutions.  The nukes should help ensure India can meet the climate goals mandated by the Paris accord.

It's a fundamental maxim in cultural Anthropology that any evolution in society is always preceded by a substantive improvement in the society's ability to produce energy.  America isn't going to do it since the emphasis is to burn more coal.  India embraces the technology so it's an easy bet on where evolution is most likely.

The most salient aspect to using nuclear energy is what do they do with the waste.  That's not answered in the article and is left for the interested student to discover.

Barring doing something as unbelievably stupid as Japan in building their nukes in a flood plane for tidal waves AND in an earthquake zone, these reactors should serve well.

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