Saturday, August 12, 2017

"Which Side Wins" #Poetry

You should know you're expendable
and ain't that a bitch
since your life which is so precious
to them isn't worth a stitch
They'll be the sole survivors
since that's the way their world spins
since it doesn't matter who lives through a war
it only matters which side wins

There once were signs all over
which identified the Civil Defense
but now you might just watch the war
while sitting on some fence
since we'll be blasted by radiation
and we can die fast or can die slow
but any way you shake it
your ass is going to go

There are games in life you will avoid
when they're just too dangerous to play
you won't ever touch that heroin
or the other drugs which slay
every vestige of your soul
and every aspect of your life
since all of them will stab you
with a ghastly, jagged knife

But they say the bombs are different
and it's with great authority they say
we know what we're doing
so we can play all day
with teasing murder from a muskrat
for inciting violence amid peace
we can do what the fuck we like
when all of that's in reach

And as to which side wins
there's one thing you know is true
someone may get the Leprechaun's gold
but it surely won't be you
We don't care, it's not required
just think of your sorry life expired
since you could have stopped it all
and now you're being retired

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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