Saturday, August 12, 2017

Marmite to Make Your Wicket Sticky Any Time

Marmite seems generally preferred in England where Vegemite is not much in evidence or at least I never saw it.  Marmite as even available in Greece but negatory on the Vegemite there as well.

Either is available in Australia which was the source of Vegemite and (I believe) Marmite was originally made in New Zealand.  Both have been bought by demon conglomerated corporations so don't count on much changing with either one of them, well, ever again.

Note:  demon conglomerates don't add any value to the products they acquire; they only make them cost more.

Neither Vegemite nor Marmite is commonly-available in America but, as you know already, Americans are sissies who won't eat anything without sugar in it and Vegemite scares the bejeebers out of them.  One whiff of it and they run like you're turning South Korean on them.

Note:  the food I've heard most reviled (i.e. kimchi) is from South Korea since people will be pleased to tell you how much it stinks.  Koreans just laugh and say to themselves in Korean, "Maybe those pussies could hack it if we put some sugar in it."

They also say (in Korean), "If Donald Trump ate kimchi, maybe he wouldn't be such a fat ass loudmouth who will get us killed."

It's possible a small jar of Marmite could be useful for resuscitation from hangovers since a few whiffs of that would even get John McClane sober.

Ref:  Bruce Willis played McClane in the "Die Hard" movies in which he sometimes started out as the consummate statement of drunken human misery.

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