Thursday, August 10, 2017

Things the Protocratic Socialists of the Rockhouse Do Not Hate

The failure of American democracy came with the Clintons and it seemed the democracy failed when in fact it was the corruption behind it which caused the failure.  There was so much corruption the Clintons could bring more brazen greed than Monty Hall saw in a lifetime of "Let's Make a Deal" and yet they were exalted for it; with some, they still are.

The Protocracy is a new form of democracy which is actually traditional at its root in terms of process but it's absent all the alligators created by generations of rich white men in Washington who later followed its authorship.  They're the same ones who wouldn't let you vote, darlin'.  Feel that Republican love.

The Protocracy believes the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are fine documents so we will keep them.  The trouble is a parade of second-rate amateurs have added a patchwork of highly-contrived demonism over the top of those noble documents so almost all of that garbanzo law from following generations we can eliminate sight unseen.

Ed:  what about the income tax since that came in an Amendment?

It can't be eliminated, at least not right away, since there's twenty trillion in debt and we can either pay it or they send the Guidos.

However, our approach will be radically different in terms of benefit to America since Protocratic Socialists believe if it doesn't benefit everyone then it doesn't benefit anyone.  The Protocratic Socialists most forthrightly propound the Doctrine of Rational Apportionment based on that principle.

All of us use the roads, even decrepit old codgers who never get out.  The military budget is twenty-seven times the budget for the roads so we see America can easily give up a few fuckin' aircraft carriers, particularly when it has ten times more of them than anywhere else in the world already.

We will double that road budget right off the top and we're not even getting the major infrastructure such as bridges yet.  We could double the number of lanes on the highways and that probably still wouldn't stop the endless traffic jams but it may at least ameliorate them somewhat.

We need major review of city designs since some have got themselves so gridlocked they probably can't be fixed.  If you don't believe that, try driving westbound out of Boston at rush hour ... and kiss your life goodbye.

Note:  that's when we start pitching the Rock City extra hard and the details have been presented previously but aren't necessary now since we only need the gist of it in building underground.

We will have that Socialized Medical so everyone has care consistent with the Veterans Administration where there are no forms to be completed, there are no lost records, and your prescription is never denied.  Republicans aren't decrying the VA because of its failures but rather its successes since nothing socialized must ever appear as a good thing.

My own situation could not be any worse and yet I'm almost blessed since there's no way insurance companies can make it any worse.

Preacher income will be taxed just the same as anyone else but we will hold to the principle of separation of church and state since we will not tax the church.  I was surprised how many read and continue to read the article on burning Joel Osteen's mansion.  I doubt you will find much sympathy for the rich bitch preachers out there.

The perfect church is a small, white, converted house in the woods outside Nashville and there's no rich bitch preacher in that one.  I imagine you'll feel all kinds of the Power there.

Wall Street can stay but will seriously have to improve its manners.  We know they're good at being genteel but their real mastery is in savagery in their complete disregard of any consequences of what they do.

The fast money speculation will end and a great many things of that nature will change such that it becomes truly a form of investment and not just a whorehouse painted up like a temple.

You know the rest of the litany since Big Banks are finished as well.

We're going to really end the Civil War this time and we know that because the Bill of Rights will now include the Equal Rights Amendment to guarantee the same protection for everyone.  That's not really a matter of apportionment directly but it has relationships to far more than it should.  We don't want lip service to equality; we want law.

There's more to it than this but the general premise is the Rockhouse view is beautiful even though it may not seem that way at times or even a lot of the time.  Some say the visions are impossible but that word always comes fastest from people who just don't want to do it.  Anything is possible.

Zen Yogi:  is this when we cue Tinkerbell again?

Yes, it is, Yogi.  Everybody wish really hard.

Ed:  why get child-like in something ostensibly serious?

A great deal of what America does is child-like, mate.  Too bad the kid is a juvenile delinquent.

Tip:  witness Trump trying to cover Bruce Lee with his "Fire and Fury" and that fat-ass slob doesn't understand why people laugh at him.  He's a child.

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