Thursday, August 10, 2017

If Hollywood Had Any Balls ... Which, Of Course, It Doesn't | Herr Porki Porkstein

We know Hollywood has no balls since they almost universally became corporate apologists and bottle washers and, oh, God, there were so many emotional performances in their protests with Meryl Streep giving such an impassioned heartbreaker it almost makes me weep.

Zen Yogi:  do you weep?

Nah, she's loaded with money and she's just acting.  She's much more convincing in her screen roles.

Zen Yogi:  why is that?

Someone else writes the lines.

Now if Hollywood does have any balls, which it doesn't, they would remember when Charlie Chaplain played "The Dictator:"

Hollywood has more cartoonists from the Marvel themes than Wichita has bowling balls.  Bring Charlie Chaplain back with Herr Porki Porkstein.

Zen Yogi:  why should Wichita have lots of bowling balls?

What else is there to do in Wichita, mate?  Farm robos will eat up that town like a kid eating a bowl of Cheerios.

Zen Yogi:  which dictator does it mean, Silas?

It's important to identify the right one since otherwise you get like Khan in "Star Trek" when he kept shooting the wrong ones.

Special mention for Ricardo Montalban since his death scene in "Star Trek:  The Wrath of Khan" was the most gloriously overacted piece of crap of all time and it must have been giant fun shooting it with him.

Zen Yogi:  did Hollywood have balls back then?

Probably not but Charlie Chaplain speaks for an earlier time and they sure as hell did.

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