Wednesday, August 9, 2017

#Photography for the Unusual 8/9

Usually photographs are pulled from The Guardian but today they're all agenda-based and those have no value here.  We have had way the fuck too many pictures of sick puppies used to hustle money for this or that so we want pictures which are beautiful for their own sake even if they don't represent high art photography.

Usually biker girl means aggressively Lesbian which makes her the same as biker boy except she gets more emotional about sacking and burning small towns.

Biker:  we don't do that anymore

Sure, once you got the gluten out of your diet, your behavior changed, didn't it.

The Rockhouse likes biker girl since she has a fresh look, a clean green view, and a bicycle which is actually good for something more than riding in parks.

Zen Yogi:  is she sexy?

She's definitely sexy, Yogi, but Dr Mazanti is not sexy at all.  (Ithaka:  Louise Mazanti, the Sex Expert So Puerile She Drives People to Vows of Chastity)

You bring your peacock and I'll show that fat chicken who is the Bird.

Peacocks are sometimes used as watchbirds since they make considerable noise when they're surprised.  Peacocks are loud but they don't have beaks like Mister Crane who should be able to send them back to the henhouse in no short order.

Zen Yogi:  the Bird is the word

You know it, Zen Yogi.

A supercomputer from back when supercomputers were still cool.  Naturally, it is a CRAY.

Note:  I ran into some really heavy iron during my nefarious days with computers but I never tangled with a CRAY and these were called number crunchers since this was before the days when people stuck a super prefix on everything simply to make yet another stupid portmanteau.

Here a lovely blonde sculptor is putting the finishing touches on sculpting an amazingly-realistic replica of a fossilized dinosaur turd.

Zen Yogi:  is she sexy?

Sexy in the context of a dinosaur turd isn't working for me, Yogi.

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