Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cadillac Man is Found but No Sign of Mystery Lady

There was a chance for a call with CM last evening and that was a surprise since I hadn't seen him online for a while but then the Skyper rang.

He knows there won't be any histrionics but he also knows there's a whole lot of wound up which doesn't meet the eye and and, in some deliciously savage irony, that has been resulting in more smoking rather than less.

More than that we were talking about the important things like the phrase in and of itself.  At one time, CM used that frequently but took no particular notice and it surprised him, I think pleasingly to some extent, that I do remember it.  The phrase really doesn't mean anything but it sounds nicely authoritative and not so much in and of itself but blah, blah, blah.

I did get a chance to apologize for the lack of imagination in his nickname since he has a Cadillac and he is a man.  I would get thrown out of Australia for coming up with a crumby nickname like that.

Ed:  you already were

I've been kicked out of all the cool countries (sob).

Mystery Lady works out for a nickname since revealing anything about her reduces the mystery.  Right now the mystery is that I can't find her and the ML EL hasn't exactly been working out for sending smoke signals.

This is the type of thing which often elicits speculation in Yevette for what might have happened or what might the thinking have been but I find any speculation of that nature in my life has usually led to a gory car crash with multiple mangled corpses and maybe even a fire.  So ... lose any speculation.

My education in speculation is in large part indirectly due to Mystery Lady since any time she was running late I would imagine more crashes than in a demolition derby.

The situation is similar with CM since there are multiple sharks biting and this crew could get a group rate on CT scans.  I'm well aware nothing is just me and that's been the maximum focus through much of the year.

Multiple situations are afoot and the Lord said, "Pull my finger."

Zen Yogi:  that's not funny, Silas

I don't know about that, buddy, since the Lord thinks it's a riot.  Every time someone falls for it he just laffs and laffs.

Zen Yogi:  maybe Booboo would do it and we can watch?

That's just wrong, Yogi.

There are no grand philosophical revelations since it hurts or it doesn't and that doesn't need any philosophy except some Zen Jedi with some Bene Gesserit teachings.

Zen Yogi:  are you tired of Jellystone Park Zen already?

No, no, bear buddy, but the Zen Jedi can work for mastery of pain and hocus pocus like that.

Zen Yogi:  you're not going to switch?

No way, pal, since I'm so fuckin' tired of sword fights.

Zen Yogi:  that's your philosophy being tired of sword fights?

No but it will do while we look for pic-a-nic baskets.

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