Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Louise Mazanti, the Sex Expert So Puerile She Drives People to Vows of Chastity

Remember, girls, there's nothing up here but that doesn't matter since the secret is unlocking your pussy power - Louise Mazanti

A sex expert has made it her mission to give women more confidence in the bedroom - by unlocking what she calls their 'p***y power'.

Danish-born Louise Mazanti has creat that claims to show how women can seduce any man they want in just an hour.

Her most important tip for unlocking the 'power' she describes is to 'listen to your vagina' about the sexual experience you want from your chosen suitor.

The London-based relationship expert, who advises couples on the upcoming Channel 5 show Make or Break, also tells women not to try to recreate porn videos, but rather focus on enjoying real sex. 

Daily Mail:  Is YOUR vagina saying yes? Sex expert claims her VERY unconventional methods can help women seduce any man they want

Note:  when Daily Mail can't even bring itself to say pussy, how much chance do you think they have of unlocking anything.

Through the entire article, personal confidence could be substituted for pussy power in any instance so we got curious as to any expertise she's packing.  She claims she has a PhD but who knows where she got it.

Ed:  she ain't even a tat on Dr Ruth's butt!

Dr Ruth is way too cool for tats.  (WIKI:  Ruth Westheimer)

Dr Ruth is older and her days of stopping clocks are gone but she was always sexy.  However, Miss Hot Body up there has all the ingredients but isn't sexy at all.

Dr Ruth:  being too obvious is never sexy, dear

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