Tuesday, August 8, 2017

No Idea What's Become of Mystery Lady or Cadillac Man

There was a Comment I missed for some days due to a bad attitude about Comments and I missed an important one for possibly two or three days.

I'm not really sure what happened but I know it didn't go well.  I apologize for whatever it was and hope we can get this sorted.

The next forty-eight or so hours here are the Telling but I know what will come; I've heard it before in a movie or some such.  Notwithstanding the fact there's really no surprise in it, the proximity has raised the DEFCON status which is the movie equivalent of the steps toward a nuclear war.  Tensions are high and mostly because I don't want to do it and not so much due to any anticipated outcome.

A large part of that is it's such a fucking hassle driving to Dallas from here.  It's one and a half to two hours for forty miles of bad-mannered truckers, idiot drivers, and fucking endless congestion.  Someone gets killed on a Texas road about every two and a half hours so Darwin has one hell of a good time but whacking those geniuses hasn't been enough to shift the vote back to Progressive yet.

I can make rainbows out of this but there's not much rainbow material flying about in the world when people spend their lives mired in television and consequently see little of reality.  Those people are loud, annoying, endlessly preaching, and there are fucking millions of them.

Ed:  you preach on the blog!

You came here, mate.  I didn't just show up on your doorstep for a spiritual carjacking.  Ithaka has no billboards nor bumper stickers.

There are times in the Po' House
when I get so damn skint
and there is no clear answer
but I only need a hint
and I noticed then the calendar
didn't say what I had thought
I see now payday comes early
and any worry was for nought

I've come to know Serendipity
and she becomes a dearest friend
but she's not the kind of lover
on whom I can depend
when she only comes for special times
and they're not for me to choose
only one thing comes from waiting
since that means I will lose

But see her as the bird
I freed from her golden cage
and she's the one to be calling
when she's ready to engage
since she flies amid the rainbows
coming rarely back to land
she lands with scarce a whisper
where she takes my outstretched hand

Behind her in a golden stream
are the treasures from forgotten dreams
she somehow brings all that it seems
in a loving cradle of live moonbeams

Even the twang of her laugh is tuneful
so mellifluous, delightful, and pure
You may not know your malady
but that song must be the cure

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones


Anonymous said...

I would have to somewhat agree with Ed. Your reality consists of a 21" monitor connected to the internet.
While that is not the Truman Show it ia far cry from reality. But it is yours
I dare say you can count
on one hand the real people you meet weekly and even less you have any time for

Peas InOurThyme said...

No matter what it is, you've got a better one. At least you're consistent.

Anonymous said...

I didn't compare to mine

Peas InOurThyme said...

My world isn't limited by the medium since movies show me cooler things than I could see anywhere else but the vision is a great deal higher than others who either don't see it or aren't aware of it (e.g. the Obama is God crew, Clinton is God crew, etc). I can't forget Alan Kurdi and they don't even remember who he was.