Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Christian Virus (Baculovirus) Spreads over England and Threatens America #Science

Caterpillars in England have been discovered afflicted by the Christian virus and infection by it has the characteristic symptoms in which the caterpillar climbs to the highest part of the plant, something caterpillars would never otherwise do, and after a time the caterpillar explodes to spread gooey pink stuff all over the place.  That infects more caterpillars and so the cycle continues.

Not surprisingly, when researchers saw this behavior, it reminded them of Jehovah's Witnesses and, thus, the baculovirus responsible for the affliction gained the nickname of the Christian virus.  It's also called the Exploding Zombie virus but that's largely the same thing anyway.

Researchers also managed to decode the caterpillar language and were able to hear the last words from their little caterpillar voices, "Father, forgive me.  I know not what I spew."

RT:  Caterpillar cataclysm: ‘Exploding zombie virus’ on the rise, wildlife experts warn

The baculovirus spreads by compelling the small creatures to uncharacteristically climb to the top of plants where they die, liquify and explode, splashing their infected material over the grub caterpillars below.

Dr Chris Miller, mosslands manager for the Wildlife Trust in Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside, said: "It's like a zombie horror film.”

- RT

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There are signs the virus has found its way to America and that it also infects humans.  The extent to which America has already become a zombie horror film should give some indication of the viral penetration here.

Signs you are infected

you once watched television for entertainment but now watch as a second non-paying job

you believe patriotism is saving enough Marlboro boxtops to get a free Colt .45 sidearm

you sometimes weep from emotion when Mike Huckabee speaks

More will be added as we become aware of them but those who watch "Game of Thrones" or "The Bachelorette" are at particular risk.

Ed:  God will burn you for this!

You must be thinking of the Hebrew God so you're Jewish, right?

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