Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Betty DeVos for America's Divine King of Kings School System

Betty DeVos knows two things well and the first is that, like the Pledge of Allegiance, so long as you grab a kid's balls about religion early, you can probably squeeze them for life.  As you've seen, Kaepernick is almost drummed out of the NFL because he wouldn't stand for their bullshit anthem so DeVos was clearly correct.  They genuflect for every military parade and pray like they're trying to bring back the Salem witch trials.

Tip:  they already did and they're the murder tribunals that decide which Muslims to assassinate with drone bombs.

The other thing Betty DeVos knows well is contract merc assassins since her brother, Eric Prince, owns Academi which will field airborne mercs wherever you like so long as the price is right.  Washington has used his services extensively with Blackhawk which he has now switched to something more innocuous since possibly he thinks that fools someone.

Betty DeVos, coming to you with equal measures of divinity and disgrace but no hint of a molecule of empathy in the entire demonic family.  It's a new dawn.

August 2

* A woman contacted police to report that library staff members were worshiping Satan.  Officers found no explicit evidence of occult activity occurring at the library.

Oregonian:  No one worshiping Satan at the library: Forest Grove police log

Don't worry.  Think of it as devolution in action.

The Rockhouse has a solution to the problem since we have a new Jesus, a better Jesus, a GMO Jesus.  The problem to solve is if Jesus ever does come to America, they will cap him again before he gets two steps down Wall Street.  They capped him for the plutocracy the last time and they will do it again.

Netanyahu:  it was a good reason

Say there, Ben, we're honored that you took time off from slaughtering Palestinians.

Our research team reviewed the Shroud of Turin and found viable DNA which could be extracted so this was used for the basis in assembling the entire human genome such that Jesus could be truly born again.  Naturally, we added some modifications to better help him survive.  The skin of GMO Jesus is now Kevlar to make it more difficult for Americans to shoot him.

Ed:  if he was born again then he is not really Jesus but instead someone who looks like him.

Well, when he first opened his eyes he shot flaming red beams out of them which burned holes in the wall so let's just leave that to your call.

Ed:  why did he do that?

He's pissed.  He saw what people did to the world and he's outraged.  Starvation is common, disease is rampant, oil filth is ubiquitous,  and they can't settle fights without killing someone.  Now GMO Jesus is here but we did not clone a GMO Moses so now Jesus has to smash the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments himself.  Fortunately, America made many copies, all of which they ignore, and GMO Jesus can have a peach of a time in smashing all of them.

Ed:  we will have to whack him for the security of the Republic

Sure, that's what the Romans said.

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