Monday, August 7, 2017

Needing to Listen to My Own Poems

The "Treasure Hunter" poem is in a measure brutal and in another enlightening.  The brutality is the incentive and the enlightenment is the response.  (Ithaka:  "Treasure Hunter" #Poetry)

You won't allow that way
that is not how you were taught
when the peace was in the sharing
not in bragging of what you caught
the peace which is shared with others
is the only one that's real
and the love is the giving
not the plunder you can steal

In effect it's stealing and plundering in writing something I know will infuriate some percentage of the readers but the interest levels in articles shows me there's a real Resistance out there and not just the antiseptic, militarized crap from The Guardian.

From my standpoint, it's giving in one context and taking in another.  However, I'm also aware any real Resistance is fed the fuck up with being told this liquid coming from the sky is wine because Reagan could do that.  After almost forty years of it, we've had enough.

In some ways it's good when there's only one light shining and that's the case with Abby Martin in Venezuela since there's no-one else on the case we can trust for truthful reporting.  The Rockhouse is a light of a different sort but still it shines.

Sometimes they will write
of another's fight for life
but that really doesn't mean much
when they don't know the vibe
good things are going to happen
but sometimes they turn bad
and there's not much way to fight them
but you may find you're glad

You know it to your center
someday the pain will stop
but meanwhile when it rains
you will dance in every drop
and every time the Sun shines
you will revel in every ray
while you watch the leaves on every tree
to hear what they have to say

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

That's more like a Zen Yogi poem but I can go with that.  So long as I have fried chicken, he will probably go along with it.

Some of that which I write is brutal and likely offensive to anyone with a gentle spirit but that's a problem when the most beautiful people I know do have gentle spirits.  Being gentle in behavior and brutal in manner translates in prose to being a Truthteller or an Asshole, depending on your perspective.

Whether I'm perceived as an Asshole is only important to me with an extremely short list of people, all of whom have gentle spirits, but those are the ones most vital to life and most connected with it.

Zen Yogi:  that's the Confusing Considerations Conundrum

How do you resolve that, Zen Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  I consider a pic-a-nic basket and then I pick it up to walk away with it.

That would be easier.

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