Monday, August 7, 2017

As to the Heroin, No Way Afghanistan is the Problem | The CIA Said So

NIH:  Overdose Death Rates

There's been a fivefold increase in heroin deaths since the invasion of Afghanistan and the opium has started freely flowing again.  It took a few years to really get started and it was like a California gold rush after that.

As to any mention in Washington about taking action about the opium from Afghanistan:  zero.  Who knew they were talking about narcotics when they gave flowing speeches about a free market and particularly Obama since he was such a master of smooth statist sophistry.

As to any mention from Jeff Sessions:  zero.  He also says nothing about Big Pharma.

America didn't accomplish much else in Afghanistan but it sure got the heroin flowing again and great job with that.  (Bush / Obama / Trump)

It's probably not possible to discover statistics for how much the flow of heroin out of Southeast Asia increased after the CIA went into it with Vietnam but there was plenty of smoke about it the time.  Just as now, Washington did nothing (LBJ / Nixon).

Since both political parties have done this, then and now, we conclude the politicians are the face men / women but they're all just bottle washers for the CIA.

No-one is spared and here's an Ohio sheriff's story after his wife became a junkie.  (CNN: Here, heroin spares no one, not even the sheriff's wife)

Just weeks earlier, Gretchen had returned home to Madeira, Ohio, from Crossroads Centre Antigua, an addiction treatment facility founded by musician Eric Clapton. It was one of a handful of times she'd received treatment for opiate addiction in the past five years. Leahy says he spent more than $16,000 -- nearly all of their life savings -- to cover the cost.

And now she was high again.


There's one of the most egregious problems one finds in life and Big Med did not one damn thing to help him help her get clean.

In fact, Big Med / Big Pharma give some of the biggest reasons the addiction exists in the first place.  Big Pharma overproduces their own narcotic poison and Big Med prescribes it but neither of them will be there when you get yourself into trouble with it.

Rather than taking any systemic view of the problem, America has made black people the scapegoats for it and they always were but police weren't as much actively hunting them as they do today.  The crowd in the Coliseum screams its enthusiasm for cops bringing peace and justice but they haven't brought those anywhere and couldn't even find them on a map.

Today's cops don't bring justice.  They only bring machine guns.


Anonymous said...

Heroin is not a race based issue. To stay at is blamed of the blacks and it came from the ghetto is ridiculous. Heroin today flows through Mexico and is controlled by the Mexican cartels.
As for Gretchen you can first go after the healthcare industry as they limit care to only 28 days. They will allow one to be treated multiple times in a single year but only 28 at a time. Most therapists agree that it takes a minimum of 9p days to return brain chemistry to a level at the that they are able to begin a successful rehab. So unless that therapy is 90 to 180 days the chances are success are greatly diminished.
Next you can again indict politicians who refuse to adequately fund enough rehab centers for those that are actively seeking treatment.Tne number of beds fall far short of the needed. And relax the regulations needed to qualify as a rehab center. The best councillors are those that have been there.
Thirdly a class action suit against Big Pharma similar to the cigarette industry or asbestos etc. to fund the cost of repairing the damage they have a major part of creating. The profited from the creation of the epidemic they need to pay for the clean up. Just as the newly created Marijuana industry should pay for the clean up of the damage to the National Parks in California from the unlicensed growers who leave 1000s of acre of forest areas dead because of the waste sites they create from the illegal fertilizers pesticides herbicides that they use and leave at the sites. But I digress as at is not part of this issue.
I can not stop the CIAs action I don't know if a sitting president can control that entity anymore. But I can work hard to help as many afflicted by this issue as I can.
I am tired of burying addicts because no one cares about them. I can put far too many faces on the ODs that are just numbers in a report to the rest of America
I believe it is a Music festival in Canada that is allowing Narcan to be brought into the festival by concert goers. Whole that is not a solution it will probably save lives until one can be found

Peas InOurThyme said...

No-one cares about addicts and no-one cares how the heroin gets here, particularly from Afghanistan. America doesn't care in general and welcome to the real world.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try opening the curtains and let some sunshine. Maybe you have a Vitamin D deficiency.
But one of the groups that I support and run in work very hard to help addicts. And have made rather excellent progress

Peas InOurThyme said...

I'm sorry but this isn't something which will get better and I haven't been that forthcoming about why. What they can't fix is breathing is heavily-restricted, there's been quite a bit of blood, and I'm doing most of what I can do just sitting in a chair. CT confirmed the reason and I get the verdict in 48 hours. It's an odd realization when you find you can't do anything anymore.

I do get sun but it can't be much since Texas sun will fry you fast and I have zero protection.

Anonymous said...

I meant Vitamin D as adding sunshine to your attitude. Yours seems to be incredibly dark.

Peas InOurThyme said...

It's realistically dark regarding the country and specifically because of the things people ignore (e.g. CIA). These would be in a category of bad things but at least somewhat acceptable in the context of any action to ameliorate the problems with them but the Sinclair Group keeps getting larger and the outlook for any action of that nature appears small.

I can see all manner of beautiful things and clearly but it's not likely any will ever happen when Blue Meanies continue the endless provocation of war, draining the gold, etc. All of the things I see could easily happen but neither party gives me any confidence they ever will.

Anonymous said...

Neither party ever has. I can not effectively change that world. Nor will I allow that world to own my outlook.
I know what I can change and do the very best that I can to change the part of the world that I make a difference.
You seem to allow that world to consume you like disease that is physically consuming you.

Peas InOurThyme said...

It's all part of the anger about the Army time, that no-one should ever have to put up with that again. Any sense of reality was gone after that since I knew I was in an asylum. Letting that go has turned out to be impossible and it's likely a large party of why my body eats itself now.