Saturday, August 5, 2017

"Treasure Hunter" #Poetry

You will find a black man
in the Mormon Tabernacle
before you'll ever find Jesus
in Washington, D.C.
You'll find wisdom on the floor
of the United States Senate
at the same time you find Waldo
at the bottom of the sea

Benthic in their bluster
and bombastic in their ways
they deliver cheap polemics
through every fucking day
and all of them intone the words
of their service before God
but their only real purpose
is finding who else they can rob

The treasure you are seeking
is something they won't ever know
the thing they are spreading
has no chance to grow
it needs guns and tanks behind it
to confound its merchant dealings
but all that really says
is those people have no feelings

You won't allow that way
that is not how you were taught
when the peace was in the sharing
not in bragging of what you caught
the peace which is shared with others
is the only one that's real
and the love is the giving
not the plunder you can steal

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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