Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mix Nazism and Capitalism to Produce a Lovely Rainbow Swastika

A new clothing range bearing the swastika as a fashion logo has been pulled after condemnation from Jewish groups and a huge social media furor.

KA Design launched a range of “swastika” sweatshirts and T-shirts in July with the aim of reclaiming and rebranding the Nazi symbol as an emblem of peace and love.

RT:   Swastika-branded clothing pulled after online backlash

The Rockhouse needs to give a round of applause to KA Design for the most brazenly disingenuous bullshit we have ever heard outside of Washington.  Although I have some talent for annoying people, these loathsome bastards apparently wanted everyone on the planet, except other NAZIs, to hate them.

They have plenty of that brazen disingenuous bullshit too.

The company is based “somewhere in Europe,” and describe itself as a group of “artists” and “freethinkers” as opposed to fashion designers.

“Our dream is to feel free to use this symbol without any kind of limitation, however we prefer.” 

The swastika-branded merchandise was available for sale on Teespring - a US-based online marketplace for independent designers.

However, following a massive backlash, the swastika-branded merchandise has been removed from the Teespring site “due to content issues.”

- RT

The NAZIs, after all, were noted as freethinkers.  They weren't typically known as a cheap hustlers, tho, and the offering looks like a classically American stunt but they're somewhere in Europe.  America didn't pass on an opportunity to take a percentage on sales, however.

Welcome to capitalism as there's nothing so sleazy we won't do if there's a profit in it.

Jewish people are deeply offended, Germans will arrest someone on sight for possessing anything of this nature, but America says, sure, send your shit to Teespring as those scum suckers will sell anything.

They don't anymore, however, since all of these products have been withdrawn.

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