Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Glory of the Second Korean War

There's been all manner of posturing today from North Korea and from America regarding burying each other but with Trump getting particularly eloquent in saying he will bring fire and fury.

Trump will bring fire and fury to something about the same time that lard ass dances ballet at the Lincoln Center.

Clemenceau said war is too important to be left to military men so, naturally, Trump handed it all over to them  Maybe those geniuses will blow up some stuff in NK.

Kim Jong-un, yet another lard ass, will then likely make a spite whack of South Korea.

Presto, it's 1950 all over again.

There was a suggestion on Facebook not long ago about listening to "Imagine" but that's an odd choice from someone who minutes before had been lusting as hard for nuking NK as Hillary Clinton got for the Iraq War No. 2.

That's a large part of the reason for the dark outlook since Republicans and Democrats want yet another war so that doesn't leave much room for sensibility and they crush it when they see it anyway.

It's not just one on Facebook but all of them as far as I can tell since it seems wall to wall Teflon Democrats (i.e. Obama is a god, Clinton can turn water into wine, etc).

Republicans predictably do what Republicans do but the behavior of the Democrats is absolutely vile.

Note:  Democrats are differentiated from Progressives.  In my experience, there are almost no Progressives on Facebook.

McCarthyism is another way they have made it like the Fifties again and thank Clinton for that when she was flailing for excuses for failure.  It's going to take many, many wash cycles to cleanse the Democratic Party of the corporatist rats.

Then there's the John Birch Society, also from the Fifties or possibly earlier.  There were billboards all over with Get US out of UN.  That's carried through to the current Sinclair Group which owns an enormous number of TV stations in America and is responsible for a significant amount of the hate news.  John Oliver did a bit on them and how they invent content routinely.  Trump TV is just greedy opportunism but Sinclair Group is the in-your-face right wing propaganda network.  They're extremely well-organized, they've got big bucks, and they're stone evil.

The other side of it

That's some deep, dark, horrible stew but the Rockhouse doesn't believe for a millisecond any of that has to happen.  We fervently believe everything we have ever described could be easily accomplished if the military were not draining off half of America's gold.

There's no need for an extended editorial on that since I suspect most of you are aware of it.  The part that's often missing is protest.

Zen Yogi:  fighting people only begets more violence

The Rockhouse has no wish for violence but rather to end it.  However, the problem looks bleak when the opposition has been trained for violence almost since birth (e.g. an eye for an eye).  Protest takes many forms and typically the least-effective is combat.

I would like to believe protest will continue after I croak out of the game and in the small ways I have done along with hopefully many others besides but I don't have much belief it will.  The view is extremely dark for that reason and, sure, I do need a reason to believe.  This has nothing to do with believing in religion but believing in people and they haven't been doing so well for quite a while.  There are some evil things going on in this country but few are doing much to try to stop them, bring attention to them, etc.

The last place I look for any reason to believe is Washington.  People are better than that, at least every human I ever met.  Human is differentiated from some miserable pricks I've met along the way.

People are better than that and this would be one hell of a good time to show it, not so much to me but to the fuckin' world.  There can be rainbows but only when people want them enough.

Zen Yogi:  it's like Tinkerbell

Yes, my furry bear buddy, since everyone has to wish really hard to bring her back to life again.

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