Thursday, August 10, 2017

Things Which Have Played Out

The solar eclipse

It gets dark and soon gets light again but thanks for the thousand dollars for a room to stay here to watch nothing whatsoever happen.  I'll get half the buzz at sundown and it won't cost anything.

The only good part is the path of totality doesn't cross Noah's Ark Creation in KY since the lot of those wankers would likely fall to the ground and start talking in tongues.

"Game of Thrones"

It's "The Sopranos" with costumes and sword fights but I still don't know or care who killed JR.

Ed:  JR was in "Dallas"

Yah, another Game of Thrones of sorts.

Ed:  it also has a lot of sex

So I hear and I suppose it probably would given the audience almost all of whom probably eat a pizza while they watch but none of them have any sex.

Ed:  they're all wasted

Sure, Doctor's Little Helper plus a little drinkie and they're off to Toontown on skateboards.


It doesn't matter who's doing it, who is with that person while doing it, or how much silicone it took to make it all happen.  The Rockhouse doesn't reject sex but we reject altogether people who talk about it incessantly and we specifically reject the cockteasers who act like they're giving it away to the first one who Tweets.  Twitter is loaded with them so Instagram must be a laff riot.

Caitlyn Jenner

When she started spouting her inane version of Republicanism, suddenly she wasn't the hipster role model anymore.  Killing someone didn't help much either.  She does get a consolation prize, however, since few have managed to go so fast from cover girl to criminal.

Rich People's Houses

After we have seen one mansion we have seen them all but we saw the perfect one for Taylor Swift since it's more expensive than any other property in the country.  (Variety:  Jerry Perenchio’s Epic Bel Air Estate Comes to Market With $350 Million Price Tag)

Note:  it's the same one used to stage "The Beverly Hillbillies."

Rich people in general

Oprah is coming out with a line of some kind of food.  She'll be cast as a modern-day Aunt Jemima faster than some redneck can wave a Confederate flag and she sets herself up for it because ... richness?  We don't give a fuck; it's just an observation.


Ever in any form

Ford hot rods

The trademark Mustang exhaust note was cool ... until they engineered it for every damn car they make and it's so canned there's a switch to turn it on / off.

Do you hear Camaros with this incessant noise?  Nooooooo.

Extreme stunts

Some fool jumped off a 22,000-foot mountain some days ago to use a wing suit to fly back down.  Asked why he didn't just use a drone, he shrugged and said, "I'm rich and really don't have that much to do."

At 22,000-feet, he must have needed oxygen during the first part.

Sword fights and martial arts

Surely there's a limit to how many times people can watch other people kicking the shit out of each other and we have passed it.


Anonymous said...

Those in Nashville are rather excited to watch the Sun get dark an then light again.
The schools have dedicated large block of time to do the set up the children with additional learning.
The colleges around have been having lecture series with visiting professors from all over the world sharing thier expertise.
I checked into hotel pricing and I do not see the price gouging that you suggest. They are fully booked from the 20 til the 22.
Camaro and Challenger have a very sweet sound if they are the models with enough power to make it worthwhile.
I am quite tired of little four cylinder cars with can mufflers that increase the volume of the car but they have no other modifications to increase the power of the motor to justify the increase volume.
Taylor Swift has no where near enough money to own that
house Even the entire Kardasian Jenner clan could not afford that house
Some Chinese billionaire will own it soon

Peas InOurThyme said...

Have a ball with the eclipse but it's still a non-event down this way. Now, if you're talking about a blazing Perseids meteor storm ... that would be cool.

Dunno where the gouging is happening and I don't have the citation anymore but maybe smaller places in path of totality.

I'm sure those cars have a sweet note but I don't hear them being jagoffs with it but I hear it constantly in Ford town down here.

The little cars which are noisy and irritating remind me of people putting Glasspaks on their cars in the old days. You know well there are some extremely high-performance small vehicles but those others are just an annoyance.

Taylor Swift just bought an immense pad but unknown what it cost. I guess she must house a large part of her entourage and what an immense drag that must be. That life doesn't look too cool from here.

Anonymous said...

We are a small town in the path of 100% eclipse. A Japanese tour rented out a baseball field here to have those party. Perseids are supposed to be so bright this year you can see some during the day day.
We will be on the roof beginning tonight. Only 50 or so an hour but very bright it will have to be since it is about 95% waning gibbous moon
Lenoids offer a cool view as they after to a zero moon

Peas InOurThyme said...

I understand. Nevertheless, I'm sure my eyes weren't deceiving me in an article which was writing of price gouging but, drat, I do not have the citation. It's not that I feel I have to prove anything as it was just a weird thing to read.

Seeing a meteor in the daytime is so twisted it never even occurred to me before.

Anonymous said...

There is probably some hotel somewhere trying it but is is certainly not the norm. We only have 5 hotels in this little town. We are centerline for 100% totality with prediction of 200k people from 40 countries assembling for the growing. So they could very easily gouge if they so desired.
The Perseids begin peak for Tinkerbells B-day. This will be her first attempt at a country view and the skies will be clear.Moderate results last night