Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Witness to the Endemic Racism | What's Hot on the Blog All-Time

Article was mostly gutted because Google didn't like something about my text for this one and consequently threw every other article out.  No wonder that outfit is worth billions.

The Racism article has been climbing faster than the latest sentimental schlock on the Billboard charts.  It's now at No. 5 and is relatively recent whereas the others have been in this list for ages.  Without the striking change in the Racism article, this list wouldn't be that interesting.

Many made a god out of Obama despite it being wholly undeserved.  However, at the same time HBO released some series hypothesizing about what if the Civil War never really ended even while yokels in pickup trucks harangue and harass black people with guns and Confederate flags to this day.  Who the fuck does HBO think it's kidding.  Who the fuck does America think it's kidding.

The Racism article didn't start out tremendously but it's been on a major tear for some while now.  I have no idea why but the interested student is invited to figure that out.  It may have started with the advent of Trump but that's not clear since I don't monitor this that much.

Maybe people start to see Obama really wasn't such a good person.

Irrelevant side-note:  Blogger has broken the blog again so the trick now is to figure out whatever text I wrote which got it so confused.

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