Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Verdict Was Delivered Today and Mystery Lady was Spotted

The sentiment in the sign is obvious (somewhat) even if egregiously inept in utterance but the expression of it this way doesn't seem possible without a lobotomy.  Congratulations to Southside Church of Christ on Hemphill Street, Fort Worth, for America's Most Inexplicable Church Sign.

There was a much better sign in a message from Mystery Lady since she and Cadillac Man seem to be doing as well as can be hoped.

Since we have no use for pseudo-mysticism of the Southside Church of Christ, the Verdict today was harsh but not unexpected.  Only a biopsy will reveal 100% whether it's cancer but the doctor saw no reason to believe it's anything else.

Due to the size of the increase, the doctor said surgery alone won't do it as it will have to be accompanied by chemo although she did not specifically mention radiation.  Note: radiation is a bitch but the chemo is worse.  That may vary in your own situation since there's far more than one type of chemo.

I have declined any intervention and, as previously, that's based on quality of life as my estimation remains it's better to live as Hendrix and not relegate whatever remains to endless surgical procedures and compound misery.

I'm the one to die when it's time for me to die
So let me live my life the way I want to

- Jimi Hendrix

As we headed out of the hospital, I said to Yevette, "I suppose I should be thinking of some really heavy poem but I find I'm thinking about elephants."

Zen Yogi:  elephants are great since they have the biggest pic-a-nic baskets of all

Ed:  they tell you it's cancer and you think about elephants?

Sure ... got a better plan?


Anonymous said...

Your Mom loved elephants
I had over 100 butterflies say Hello today

Peas InOurThyme said...

Oh, oh, that reminds of taking the Fairy Princess to a butterfly park. Eden Park does that each year and I'm sure there's one up by Boston which is open all year. I have never visited the one near Boston but maybe even that couldn't show you a cloud of butterflies like you saw today.

Anonymous said...

She been to Butterfly parks in New Orleans Cincinnati Niagara Falls Savannah San Diego two of the islands from cruises like zoos and aquariums If the town we vidit has one we go and visit.
The most have been a couple of species hatch this last week.
The Fairy Princess spread seeds this spring and the birds helped her. So I have Zinnas almost everywhere. So the resulting butterfly population has been at record levels this year.
We alway attribute these butterfly cloud to the Ol Man coming to say Hello

Peas InOurThyme said...

On getting the Fairy Princess covered on butterfly shows: definitely covered and more than I ever saw.

Some things occurred to me about the old boy since his tyrannical temper was likely his worst lesson but maybe his best is I never knew him to hate anyone. I'm fairly confident I never even heard him say the words.