Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Moment of Peace" | Sarah Brightman with Amelia Brightman and Gregorian

Until a moment ago, I didn't know Sarah Brightman had a younger sister and this features her sister, Amelia, singing with her choral group, Gregorian.  Brightman songs usually have Ms Sarah way up front but "Moment of Peace" is much more subdued than that.  Ms Sarah and Ms Amelia are credited with singing in it but that's tough to tell.

The piece is a tad soft relative to others I've posted but it paints the moment well with music which is so well-suited to the video.

Note:  I have no idea if the model in the video is Amelia Brightman but she does have nice teeth, doesn't she.

Ed:  that's cheap!

There are many things a Pepsodent smile may be but inexpensive is not one of them.

Maybe you like this better:  she has the voice of a siren and eyes promising your total destruction ... but still you go to her, don't you.

But, for personal destruction, don't miss the Phantom, especially when he is Antonio Banderas.

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