Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Robos Are Coming ... at 186 KPH

Hipster automobile racing is when you go to watch Formula 1 but there are no drivers in the cars.  These robo cars are approaching the speeds of F1 cars and racing them is now a competitive event.  Since there are no drivers in the cars, this seems a lot like parents watching their kids play sports ... when their kids are 'droids and run on batteries.

RT:  Self-driving robot cars reach 186kph on racing debuts (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

History was made in Buenos Aires last weekend when two driverless electric cars went head-to-head in the first competitive robot motor race. The event was part of the organizers’ aim to expand the sport's popularity with a worldwide rollout of Roborace.

In scenes more akin to a sci-fi movie the competing ‘Devbot’ machines reached top speeds of 186kph (115mph) before one of them lost control and ploughed into a barrier at the Argentinian Formula E, ePrix.

- RT

Kee-rist ... ePrix?  How damn precious can you get without involving Apple or Milo Yiannopoulos.

The Rockhouse has one tiny question.  How does a gigantic slot car lose control.  Either its circuits fried in which case it was an electro-mechanical failure or the robo turned chicken.

Yves Montand once said, "Driving Formula 1 implies a certain lack of imagination."  ("Grand Prix")

Ed:  he didn't drive Formula 1!

He didn't except in the movie but he had enough imagination to know it's too dangerous for any sane person to consider.

Ed:  so the premise is once robos have enough imagination to understand the danger of going so fast then they will slow down?

You're such a cracker, Dagwood.  It's only logical, as you see.  Even artificial intelligence won't willingly suffer its own destruction.

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