Sunday, February 19, 2017

Secretary of State William Perry Talks About Peril of Tactical Nuclear Weapons

William Perry was Secretary of State well before Hillary Clinton and, unlike Clinton, his view of confrontation with Russia and the use of nuclear weapons is soundly reasoned.

This kind of thing is why I just shake my head when I hear people talking of the propaganda on RT.

The interview is a bit long but the content is good.

Conversely, this is what Twitter rats say liberals are doing.

There's some serious money behind all this since most of those Twitter rats don't have the capability to make these memes themselves and they just copy them.  That kind of thing is why online socializing is becoming aggressively useless; there's almost nothing original anywhere.

I don't remember the details of William Perry's run during Bill Clinton's nor am I interested to know.  The perspective he offers in the interview is cogent and not at all the generic type of polemic which has become the online stock in trade.

I'm almost apologetic, once again, that the material is so damn heavy but it's a bitch when the yokels in charge start playing at nuke wars again.  We have been seeing this escalate, particularly with Obama / Clinton, and right now Trump is sending an aircraft carrier battle group to the South China Sea.

We need a whole lot more from people like William Perry and a whole lot less from anyone representing the unidimensional killthink of the Pentagon.

Ed:  that was a lot lighter.  Thanks.

It's a bitch, ain't it.

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