Friday, February 17, 2017

Robert Fripp String Quintet Live in Japan 1992 [FULL SHOW]

Robert Fripp is a name like Brian Eno or Peter Gabriel since he's one of the prog rock gods who wasn't such a visible presence but he did enormous things, as did all of them in that mystical cadre.

I ran a video yesterday featuring the Robert Fripp String Quintet but that was only a segment and today I found the entire concert.  It looked like you were diggin' the excerpt in a big way so have a ball with this one.

The purpose is not all to be deliberately unconventional or unusual and I have liked some songs which are unutterable rubbish but this musical world is something different.  There's no intention to take anything away from Neil Sedaka's incredible gift of being able to make a catchy melody apparently as easily as someone else butters some toast.  There's genius in that as well but this goes out to another plane.

Ed:  and you just like it better

Yep, that's prob'ly as complicated as it needs to get.

Ed:  but you go on anyway

Yep because it's a fascination in the need in people for having some level of predictability in music before they like it.  You can train yourself away from predictability but you have to want to do that.

I think the trip in me is my thinking has some idea of where the music might go even when I don't really know so there's some form of musical pleasure in finding it does actually go in whichever direction I almost thought.  I see y'all diggin' it as well so there must be some type of similar experience happening with you since otherwise people usually find such music unnerving and won't listen to it.

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