Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm So Happy to Be Back in Sweden or Wherever I Am - Donald Trump

"The View" shows why there's no chance men will ever be able to get along with women.  It's not so much that they never stop talking, they never stop talking at the same fucking time.  I lasted until 3:41 before I bailed.

Note:  who is Jebediah, why does she have a man's name, and what's the feature with that awful pink lipstick. You're not in high school anymore, dear.

She does have a remarkable ability to listen to no-one whatsoever, tho.

If this had been a group of five men and one wants to yap about Trump but the others don't, the one knows he needs to shut the fuck up or someone will punch him.  That means men can quickly get on to important things like bowling, NASCAR, and lawn maintenance.

Take it away, well, everyone at the same time.

When Donald Trump gets his inspiration for speeches from Fox News, perhaps the talking heads on that channel should be made honorary Cabinet members.

Here's a reaction from Sweden and this one is funny.

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