Monday, February 20, 2017

Soulman's Bar-B-Que in Dallas, Texas

- Shot by Yevette on Lancaster Road in Dallas, TX / tinkering by Silas

Make what you will of this one since this looks less like a place to get soul food than it does a basic cafeteria which serves really bad chicken, fish, and roast beef as part of their daily a la carte buffet.

It seems Soulman must be a black man since it would fly really strange for some white Texan to call himself that.  However, there's a happy pink pig for a logo so does the Soulman only cook happy pink pigs?

We only have the pic for information and, judging by the really horrible landscaping, the Rockhouse guess is this place is run by space aliens and the barbecue sandwiches are made from Soylent Green.

Now you can fry Soylent Green and it's just as good.

Ed:  the idea of eating humans is disgusting!

Hey now, I didn't write the movie nor did I invent Trump's policy for dealing with Mexicans.

Ed:  it's cheaper to eat them than deport them?

That's the one.

Ed:  Soulman is serving barbecued Mexicans?

We need more investigation when we only have the picture but good science demands we consider the possibility.

I suggested the above to Yevette and she said the ideas are SO sick but that reaction told me right away to publish this.


Anonymous said...

I thought since you live in Dallas you would know a little more of Soulman's. There are many locations in Dallas as it is a chain BBQ company. It has just average food there are far better BBQ to enjoy in Dallas And yes it is owned by a white Dallas business.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Wow, Soulman is a white guy. Only in Texas!

Both of us see the place often since Lancaster is the last road to the VA in Dallas. I was never tempted by it because it looks so, so ... not down home anywhere. With some places, you know from looking they have been making their BBQ for quite a while so they must be good at it.

In fact, there's a legitimate Clapton segue since he liked crawling pawn shops every so often and he was looking for beater guitars which had been played to hell. He reasoned those must have the best sound. That logic does seem to have served him relatively well.

Anonymous said...

I thought Clapton was like Ron Wood and George Harrison and had hundreds of rare and obscure guitars. Mostly found that way

Peas InOurThyme said...

Clean it up, give it some new strings, and go to town.