Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Contraband" | Jim Jefferies

The spelling of Jim Jefferies' name is correct in the title and here's the proof of it:  Jim Jefferies (home page).

Buddy Hackett had a reputation as being the raunchiest comedian in Hollywood.  He was mostly before my time but I heard of his schtick and I seriously doubt he could have kept up with Jim Jefferies.

Jim Jefferies deals in more truth than most can handle and, judging by MSM, people can't handle much truth at all.  Jefferies speaks of things from his personal life which no-one else would ever reveal and that usually translates into some precious confession to a priest or a psychiatrist but Jefferies does it on stage and makes it funny.

It's not really clear when this was recorded since he was still drinking and he made a deal out of giving up the demon alcohol.

Here's another of his concerts but this one is ostensibly from 2017 and presumably shows the alcohol before and after effect.  If you're guessing he got less raunchy then you're not going to win the grand prize dishwasher but do enjoy lovely the parting gifts.

Note:  the recording quality is relatively low and no telling when it was actually captured.

Here's a sample:  gay guys are happy because they get to split the cost of dinner once in a while plus when they get pissed off they can hit each other.

OK, Jim.  That sounds about right.

Truth got shot all to hell in MSM but there's nothing new about that since who will surprise Hollywood with fake news.

- Remember how the tabloids told us Milo Yiannopoulos is the love child of Julia Roberts and the Mothmen who live beneath the Earth

Y'all remember that, right?

Ed:  you can't say anything bad about Julia Roberts or you go to Hell!

If you're writing for the neo-news, you can slam the Virgin Mary and there will be thunderous applause.

Now for the bit in which we review trying to get the Virgin Mary confirmed on Donald Trump's Cabinet, right.

Ed:  don't try to do Jim Jefferies ... just don't.

I wasn't going to call her a ...

Ed:  just don't.

You know you're getting weird about a two-thousand year old woman, right?

Ed:  you were doing better with Julia Roberts and the Mothmen

I guess you don't want to hear about when the Mothmen went to Jerusalem?

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