Sunday, February 19, 2017

More Embarrassing to Americans than the White House is Noah's Ark

The prime monument to American gullibility isn't political but rather it's Noah's Ark which was built by Ken Ham in Kentucky.  There are several ways to say 'I am an idiot' in America and one of them is to say it straight-up while another is to say you will vacation at Noah's Ark.

God's amusement park in Kentucky is back in the non-news because there will now be dinosaur battles with humans and there will be battling Giants as well.  You can't buy comedy like this but you can visit it at Noah's Ark.  (HuffPost:  Creationist Ken Ham’s Giant ‘Noah’s Ark’ To Feature Dinosaurs vs. Giants Diorama)

Ken Ham's race of Giants shows Noah's Ark is almost catching up with Ray Harryhousen movies.

Ed:  Ham's diorama doesn't even move!

Yah, it's seriously weak.  He's got a way to go yet before he's ready for Hollywood but he's shown he's willin'.

People are trying to shame Ken Ham / @aigkenham or @ArkEncounter but it's impossible.  Ken Ham is just another corporate slut who is in it for the money and he's got skin as thick as a reptile.  In that world, it doesn't matter if his science is bullshit since the money isn't.

Here's the final proof of human coexistence with dinosaurs.

In case you don't believe evolution is real, check out the line from the cop in which he says, "Boy, has he got his women trained."

If you were to say that today, every dinosaur on Noah's Ark would come to eat you at once.

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