Sunday, February 19, 2017

Better Way to Predict Earthquakes by Observing Oarfish

Oarfish have been beaching themselves in the Philippines and locals have been saying this means an earthquake is coming soon.

Ed:  I don't see the ground shaking

Don't get too lofty too fast, Professor Widget, since they have made this observation about previous beachings by oarfish and an earthquake did follow.  (RT:  Mysterious oarfish sightings stoke earthquake fears in the Philippines (PHOTOS))

Ed:  so this is an observational tool they could use in L.A.?

Sure.  Just watch for the oarfish to signal the Big One.

NASA used some sophisticated techniques a while back to make what they said was a highly-accurate prediction for the next major earthquake in two years in California.  That prediction was between six and twelve months ago so there could be a whole lot of oarfish beaching themselves on the California coast this year.

The ugly ass oarfish in the picture above is just a little one since they can grow up to twenty meters / sixty feet.  Here's another of those charmers.

Ed:  that's only about twenty feet!

Sure and just a baby it is.  But, if it's such a little 'un, let's see you go swimming with it.

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